Wax seals on menu and escort cards for a wedding

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As you plan your wedding and begin to consider the finer details, you may be wondering which wedding day stationery paper is truly necessary. Every wedding is unique, so your needs will be unique. However, there are still a few essentials that all soon-to-be-weds should consider. This list will help you get started. Wedding Day […]

Essential Wedding Day Stationery Items

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From bold, purple and burgundy florals to romantic, soft pink roses, I’m rounding up 10 of my favorite wedding invitations from 2020. Anastasia Gentry Photography (left) & SMS Photo (right) Favorites 1-3: Letterpress Wedding Invites I have three favorite wedding invitations from 2020 in the letterpress category. First up is a wedding invitation suite for […]

My Top 10 Favorite Wedding Invitations from 2020