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Semi-Custom Invitations: Which Wedding Style is Right for You?

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A wedding stationery designer with a love of coordinating envelopes, watercolor envelope liners, wax seals and classic letterpress!

Designing timeless stationery in Findlay, Ohio for romantic couples.


Exciting news! I’m absolutely delighted to introduce my latest semi-custom collection, blending the timeless elegance of heirloom-quality designs with the convenience of customization. This collection aims to cater to couples who want to showcase their distinctive style through exquisitely crafted invitations without the typical time and financial commitment required for fully custom stationery. Drool over which wedding style is right for you as I share my new semi-custom wedding invitations on the blog today!

First, I’m curious, how did you stumble upon me? Was it a quick Google search or maybe you were scrolling through Pinterest? Either way, I’m thrilled you’re here! Welcome to Kindly Delivered. Consider this your personalized spot for all wedding invitations and stationery, straight from Ohio. Here, I focus on reflecting each couple’s unique style in every creation. I’m all about crafting a custom experience from our first hello to printing your perfect stationery. Ready to dive in? Click here to discover how we can collaborate, or if you’re ready to get started, just a click here will do the trick!

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The Benefits of Semi-Custom Invitations

Firstly, before I share the line, I wanted to share a few benefits to semi-custom wedding invitations. You’re not alone if the term is new to you!


My Semi-Custom Collection offers the best of both worlds: pre-designed invitations that still feel incredibly personal and unique. Each design in the collection is crafted with classic style and romantic sentiment, ready to be customized with your personal details. From colors to wording and various other details, you’ll see your vision come to life, making each invitation distinctively yours.


One of the greatest advantages of semi-custom invitations is the quick turnaround. The process from selection to proof can take as little as one to two weeks. Simply share your color choices and wording preferences, and you’ll receive personalized proofs within 24-48 hours—a dream timeline for any couple!


Lastly, choosing a semi-custom suite means selecting the most cost-effective pathway to luxurious wedding stationery. I designed this option for couples who desire quality and elegance at a more accessible price point. Rest assured, opting for semi-custom doesn’t mean compromising on the quality of materials or printing options! Plus, you can still add all those embellishments you love (like wax seals!) to make your invitations truly stand out.

Introducing My Semi-Custom Invitation Suites!

Now let’s get to the good part! I meticulously designed each suite in my semi-custom collection to offer a timeless and elegant option for your wedding. Moreover, when you browse my collection, you’ll find a variety of styles that serve as the perfect starting point. Then, from there, we’ll work together to infuse your invitations with your personality. We want your invites to perfectly set the tone for your big day. Ready to discover which wedding style is right for you? Here they are!


I’ve designed this gorgeous suite for couples getting married in the city who seek a sophisticated and elegant invitation, this design sets the tone with a blend of timeless charm and modern flair.


For couples searching for an invitation that encapsulates classic romance and refined elegance, with delicate touches of nature and charming hints of grace, evoking both whimsy and sophistication. The addition of a floral envelope liner further enhances the vibe!


Next, crafted with clean lines and borders, this design exudes a sense of modernity and simplicity, reflecting refined taste and meticulous attention to detail. This invitation is the perfect fit for couples who appreciate the elegance of minimalism. The delightful surprise of featuring a stately venue in the envelope liner introduces a surprise element that will absolutely delight your guests!


A simple monogram paired with a black and white design is the epitome of timeless elegance. When I set out to design the Sophia, I wanted the simplicity of the monogram to add a personalized touch that complements the design without overwheming the overall aesthetic. This combination exudes classic refinement and chic minimalism.


Radiating vibrant charm and natural whimsy, the patterned envelope liner infuses the invitation with playfulness and personality, setting a lively tone for the celebration. Additionally, the abstract border contributes a hint of organic beauty and elegance, completing the ensemble with fun finesse.


Lastly, exuding bespoke elegance and artistic charm, the Emily invitation suite captures the essence of natural beauty and whimsical romance. Ideal for couples seeking to infuse their invitations with creativity and a touch of fun, while maintaining a connection to the beauty of nature.

Deciding Between Custom & Semi-Custom? Who Are Semi-Custom Suites Meant For?

Overall, semi-custom suites cater to couples who value the beauty and quality of custom-designed invitations but face constraints in budget or timelines. If you’re someone who enjoys infusing a personal touch into every facet of your wedding stationery without committing to the full custom design process, my semi-custom collection is tailored specifically for you.

Did you decide which wedding style is right for you?

How Does a Semi-Custom Invitation Work?

The process remains simple yet incredibly personalized. Start by selecting a suite from my collection that resonates with your vision. From there, we’ll tailor the colors, wording, and other details to align with your wedding theme and personal taste. This collaborative process ensures your invitations are a reflection of your unique story, without the extensive timeline or investment required for fully custom designs.

Need a hand? I’m excited to join you on your wedding adventure, straight from Ohio! So, whether you’re a wedding planner crafting your client’s dream day or in the thick of planning your own magical day, I’m here and eager to assist in making those dreams a reality. Everything you need to begin our collaboration is just a click away. Come say hi on Instagram for more wedding invitation inspiration!