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What to look for when choosing a wedding invitation designer

How to Choose a Custom Wedding Invitation Designer

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A wedding stationery designer with a love of coordinating envelopes, watercolor envelope liners, wax seals and classic letterpress!

Designing timeless stationery in Findlay, Ohio for romantic couples.


If you’ve just set a date for your wedding, you’re likely beginning your search for a wedding invitation designer. As you do, you may realize that there are a lot of us out there! Accordingly, it can be difficult to find the professional who’s right for you—especially if you don’t know what to look for. 

That’s where I come in! As a wedding stationer, I’m aware of what prospective clients need to know before we decide to work together. So, before you jump on a call, familiarize yourself with these essentials!


In terms of style, stationery designers are not one-size-fits-all. We’re artists at heart, so each one of us has a different style, as well as signature details that are unique to our business. For example, I love creating invitation suites with colored envelopes, floral envelope liners, and romantic calligraphy fonts. That isn’t to say that I haven’t and won’t work within other styles. But I am usually the best fit for clients who also enjoy those design details.

Pink and gold custom wedding invitation suite by Kindly Delivered


Choosing a wedding stationer who can work within your timeline is imperative. Personally, I got engaged and was married within a six-month timeframe. Some stationers require twelve months for completing their clients’ wedding invitations, so my timeline wouldn’t have worked for them! I ask that my clients contact me six months prior to their wedding for invitations, and two months in advance for day-of stationery. Don’t have six months? Check out my semi-custom collection for a quicker turnaround time.


I do a design consultation with each of my clients, usually on a video call, before they book with me. Why? Because we both want to know that we will communicate well with one another and have a mutually beneficial working relationship. In fact, your wedding invitation designer is one of the vendors that you’ll communicate with the most. So you want to feel good about working with them.

What to look for when choosing a wedding invitation designer


The best stationers will not just toss a design at you and leave you to fend for yourself. Rather, they’ll guide you through every aspect of the wedding planning process as it pertains to stationery. Kindly Delivered is a full-service vendor. That means that all of my clients receive one-on-one attention from me for the duration of our working relationship. I walk them through each stage of the custom stationery process, including creating a timeline, designing, proofing, and printing. For your convenience, I also take care of your postage and mailing needs. That includes mailing your invitation suite to your photographer so they can snap a few stationery shots ahead of time. Getting the details out of the way = more time on your wedding day for portraits!

Pink and gold custom wedding invitation suite by Kindly Delivered

Working with Kindly Delivered also grants you access to a wide range of printing services, including black-, white-, and colored-ink envelope printing. In turn, I offer over 100 envelope colors! While I do not offer calligraphy or custom watercolor, I have a network of artists and calligraphers whom I collaborate with frequently. If you decide to take advantage of their services, I will hire them for you and manage every step of that process.

What to look for when choosing a wedding invitation designer


While budget is everyone’s least favorite thing to talk about, it’s perhaps the most important! The world of wedding stationery is wide when it comes to options and expenses. It ranges from premade invitations to DIY options like Minted and Zola, and semi-custom and custom suites from stationery designers. Everyone has their own unique budgeting needs and priorities, and options like Minted are ideal for some. For others who desire a look that’s completely unique to their wedding, it’s best to work with a stationer to create a custom design. This is also the best way to ensure that your wedding design is cohesive across the board, from your save the dates to your day-of stationery. To learn more about the investment of working with Kindly Delivered, head over here!

I love helping my clients combine different printing methods and upgrades to meet their budget requirements without having to sacrifice their dream invitation suite in the process. This method of mix-and-match printing helps to give you the best experience and often leaves wiggle room for the special embellishments you are so excited to add to your suite, such as wax seals and ribbon.

What to look for when choosing a wedding invitation designer

At a time when there is a lot of conflicting information about mailing and postage, it’s never been more important to hire the right wedding invitation designer. You deserve to work with someone who will give you all the details upfront and keep your project moving smoothly. If you think that I could be the vendor for you, I’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with me and we’ll find out if we’re a good fit!


Planning & Design: Natalia’s Event Planning 

Photographer: Kortni & Chris Photography

Venue: Cincinnati Art Museum

Watercolor Liner Illustration: Made by Morgan

Florals: A Little Bit of Green By Lisa

Macarons: Icon Cake Cincinnati 

Jeweler: James Free Jewelers Cincinnati