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Destination Wedding Invitations: Capturing the Essence of Your Locale

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Planning any wedding is exciting, but a destination wedding?! I always love when couples come to me ready to talk and dream about their destination wedding invitations! When you’re inviting your guests somewhere that’s more than a short drive away, your invitation serves as more than just a card; it becomes a preview of the beautiful event and experience you’re inviting your loved ones to join. Today, I’m sharing how to infuse the essence of your chosen locale into your destination wedding invitations, getting your guests even more excited to RSVP YES!

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Reflecting the Locale’s Vibe in Your Stationery

Find Your Inspiration

The beauty of a destination wedding lies in its location and the experience of “getting away”. Start by immersing yourself in the elements that make your wedding locale unique. Is it the tranquil beaches of the Maldives, the rustic charm of a Tuscan villa, or the vibrant culture of Mexico? Let these elements be your muse. Use colors, textures, and motifs that echo the essence of the location. A beach destination might call for soft blues and sandy tones, while a cityscape might inspire a more modern, sleek design. If you’re in a rush (or want to save some cash), make sure to check out my semi-custom wedding invitations to see what would fit best!

Use Local Art and Symbols

Incorporating local art or symbols into your invitation design not only pays homage to your wedding’s backdrop but also adds a layer of depth and intrigue. For instance, if you’re getting married in Mexico, consider elements like Talavera tiles or vibrant folk art. This not only makes your destination wedding invitations stand out but also gives your guests a taste of the cultural experience they can expect.

Choose the Right Materials

This is what makes shopping for stationery online so hard. Trust me – I get it, not all paper stock is created equally, which is why it’s so nice to work with a stationery designer you trust. In the meantime, here’s some advice. Linen paper might evoke a natural, earthy feel perfect for a garden wedding in France, while a glossy finish could mirror the sophistication of a New York rooftop ceremony.


Important Information to Include in Your Destination Wedding Invitations

Beyond the aesthetic elements, your destination wedding invitations should serve as a comprehensive guide for your guests. You typically need to include more than a regular wedding invitation (but some of this can be saved for your wedding website, if desired). Here’s what to include:

  • The Basics: Clearly state the who, what, when, and where. Given it’s a destination wedding, provide detailed venue information, including the city and country.
  • Travel Details: Suggestions for transportation, accommodation options, and any group rates you’ve secured will be greatly appreciated by your guests.
  • Itinerary: If you plan multiple events over several days, consider including a brief itinerary. This helps guests plan their trip and ensures they won’t miss out on any of the festivities.
  • Local Insights: Share a mini-guide of local attractions or activities. It’s a thoughtful way to encourage guests to explore and enjoy the destination.

Rethinking RSVP Deadlines

For destination weddings, traditional RSVP timelines don’t always apply. Guests need to arrange travel and accommodations, which requires more notice than a local event. Sending save-the-dates help give your guests more notice as well! Consider setting your RSVP deadline earlier, ideally three to four months before the wedding day. This not only helps you finalize numbers for planning purposes but also supports your guests in making their necessary arrangements.

Not sure about the best timing for sending out your wedding invitations and other stationery? I go into more detail here!


Infusing Your Locale in Your Destination Wedding Invitations

Your destination wedding invitations are the first step in a journey you and your guests will take together, culminating in a celebration of love in a place that holds special meaning for you. By thoughtfully designing your destination wedding invitations to reflect the essence of your locale, you are capturing the spirit of your chosen location and the love you share, inviting your guests to be part of something truly extraordinary.

Need a guiding hand? I’m here to join you on your destination wedding planning adventure, right from Ohio! Whether you’re a wedding planner crafting a dream destination wedding for your clients or you’re personally navigating the path to your own magical day, I stand ready to help you turn those dreams into reality. Everything you need to start our collaboration is just a click away.