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how much do wedding invitations cost in 2024?

How Much Do Wedding Invitations Cost? A Guide in 2024

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Creating beautiful wedding invitations is an art, and a great invitation designer can help you craft a one-of-a-kind design that expresses your style and vision. But before you start designing, it’s important to understand: how much do wedding invitations cost? It goes without saying that the investment can vary greatly depending on the final design, number of pieces, printing style, and type of embellishments. For example, letterpress printing will be a larger investment than digital printing. Adding foil stamping or custom venue artwork on the envelope liners can also add to the price tag. Rest assured, I will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown below, outlining what you can anticipate when planning your wedding invitation budget.

Before I have you whip out your spreadsheet, I would love to quickly introduce myself. I’m Allison, the wedding invitation and stationery designer here at Kindly Delivered. If you love luxury paper goods and swoon worthy romantic details, we are one in the same. If you are looking for a wedding invitation designer, you can learn more about working with me here. Or, if you are a wedding planner looking to connect about one of your clients, you can learn more about my process here

How much should you budget for wedding invitations?

My goal is always to ensure couples get the best possible product, within their desired budget. A great stationer will take into account all details related to the design and production – from paper quality, printing processes and finishes, to envelope liners, calligraphy addressing, hand-tying ribbons and lining envelopes. 

With that said, I also find it challenging to recommend you allocate a specific percentage of your overall wedding budget to stationery. Unlike service-based vendors, where you may find a variety of options at different price tags (and expertise levels), stationers have hard costs similar to florists. 

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How much do wedding invitations cost in 2024?

The prices below will give you an idea of what to expect when working with a custom invitation designer, but if you are looking for a more affordable option keep scrolling to learn about our semi-custom collections

While prices can vary between invitation designers, here is an average of what you can expect when working with me at Kindly Delivered. Keep in mind, you should order one invitation per household (not per guest!). These prices are not for a single invitation, but rather an invitation suite consisting of an invitation, response card (with an envelope), a details card, an envelope with a custom envelope liner, and envelope addressing.

Flat Printing:

50 Qty: $1800

100 Qty: $2500

150 Qty: $3200

Letterpress or Foil Invitations:

50 Qty: $2200

100 Qty: $3100

150 Qty: $4000

Handmade Paper Letterpress or Foil Wedding Invitations:

50 Qty: $3000

100 Qty: $3750

150 Qty: $4500

What does that include?

When working with a custom designer, everything is subject to quote so the above pricing is truly just a guideline. These prices include unlimited revisions and design consultations with yours truly, so I can ensure the end result is exactly as you envisioned for your wedding day.

While every invitation suite has slightly different needs, the prices above are also based on needing:

  • Invitation and Envelope
  • Response Card and Envelope
  • Details Card
  • Envelope Liner
  • Envelope Addressing
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Working with a Custom Wedding Invitation Designer

Because design work is included in the cost of your wedding invitations, most designers will have a minimum spend threshold. At Kindly Delivered, I keep the minimum spend to just $1000 so I can work with couples regardless of their guest size. 

On a Budget? Semi-Custom Invitations are a Great Option

If you value luxury stationery and paper goods, choosing something semi-custom is a great way to get luxe finishes (like letterpress printing). It’s similar to custom design in that the design is tailored to your wedding day needs, but with a more limited range of options and a lower price tag. Semi-custom collections often include luxurious stocks like cotton paper as well as unique foil accents and features such as wax seals and ribbons. With so many options available, you can still make your final design look high end and feel custom while staying within your budget. 

While couples who book me for invitation design typically spend an average of $2000-$2700/100 invitations, semi-custom invitations typically come in around $1300-2000/100 invitations.

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A Guide on “How Much Do Wedding Invitations Cost” in 2024

I hope this was helpful as you start to consider how much to budget for your wedding invitations in 2024. In summary, while couples who book a custom designer usually spend an average of $2000-$2700/100 invitations, semi-custom collections are another great option if you need a lower price tag. Doing your research and comparing the different options available will ensure you find the perfect invitation design for your wedding day that fits your style and budget. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start – I would love to guide you every step of the way! Contact me here to get started.