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The Ultimate Guide to Save the Dates

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Wedding planning can sometimes feel overwhelming, but let’s take a moment to talk about something exciting: your save the dates! Among the many stationery pieces you’ll need, Save the Dates hold a special place. They not only serve as an important announcement but also set the tone for your big day. As a wedding invitation designer, I’ve noticed that many couples have questions about when to send them, what format to choose, and who should receive them. Don’t worry, though—I’m here to help! In this ultimate guide to Save the Dates, I’ll address all these frequently asked questions and more, ensuring your Save the Date process is smooth and successful. Trust me, it’s going to be amazing! Let’s dive in!

Why Save The Dates Are Important

I know that when you are planning a wedding, everything feels like a “need”. So let me just start by saying: If you’d rather save your stationery budget for letterpress printing on your wedding invitations, for example, you can definitely skip them. On the other hand, Save The Dates provide guests with the chance to reserve the date on their calendars, which is a thoughtful gesture. They hold particular significance when the wedding falls within a busy period, like the holiday season, or when numerous attendees are traveling from out of town. So they ARE important and do serve a purpose.

Now, let’s address some of the most frequently asked questions about Save the Dates I hear as a wedding invitation designer.

When should you send out save the dates?

Save The Dates should be sent 6-8 months before the wedding. This gives guests plenty of time to plan for the wedding and make travel arrangements. If the wedding is during a peak travel season, sending out Save The Dates even earlier is recommended. I do try to discourage couples from sending out their Save The Dates too far in advance, though. Save the dates should not be sent more than 14 months in advance, because you risk guests forgetting about the wedding date altogether or accidentally double-booking themselves.

What should your Save The Dates include?

Save The Dates should include the names of the fabulous couple (that’s you!), the date and location of the wedding, and a sweet note that an invitation will follow. You can even sprinkle in some optional details like adorable photos of yourselves, additional details about the wedding weekend (like a fun rehearsal dinner or a cozy welcome party), and any wedding website info you’ve poured your heart into. Now’s your chance to truly showcase it and spread that warm, personal touch!

save the dates with engagement photos

Should your Save the Dates be a card, magnet, or something else?

The format of a Save The Date depends entirely on your personal preference. Cards and magnets are the most popular options, as they are both convenient and easy to display. This is a great time to show off those stunning engagement photos you took. You also want to remember that Save The Dates are often the first pieces of wedding stationery that guests see. Therefore, it’s a good idea to choose a format reflects the style and theme of the wedding.

save the dates invitations

Who should you send them to?

Save the dates should be sent to anyone you want to ensure will attend your wedding. This means sending them to your close family, friends, and anyone else who may need additional time to make travel arrangements or plan for the big day. Just make sure your guest list is finalized before you send them! After all, everyone who receives a save the date in the mail will be expecting a wedding invitation.

The Ultimate Guide to Save the Dates

As you can see, there is a lot to consider when sending out Save The Dates. But, as the first piece of stationery guests will receive, they’re also a wonderful opportunity to make a great first impression. You are setting the tone for your wedding. That’s why it’s important to start considering Save The Dates early. Of course, I also recommend you work with a stationery designer to ensure the Save The Dates are consistent in design with the rest of the wedding stationery. Hey – that’s where I come in! Learn more about working with me here, or head straight to my contact form to get started. With a little planning (and a lot of excitement), Save The Dates can be a fun way to get guests excited! Are you ready? Let’s do this!