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Choosing Your Wedding Invitation Style in 2024

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Hello, lovely nearlyweds! Today, I’m diving into one of my favorite topics as a stationery designer: choosing your wedding invitation style! I know so many of my couples come to me feeling overwhelmed with colors, styles, embellishments and options. Where do you even begin? Don’t worry – I’ve created a fun quiz to help you find your wedding style (which you can take here and get a special gift from me!). But for now, let’s talk about the elements that will guide you to your perfect wedding invitation! 

Before we dive in, welcome to Kindly Delivered! It’s my passion to weave your unique vibe into the gorgeous stationery we’ll create together. From our very first hello to the moment you’re holding your wedding invitations in your hands, I’m here to help. Ready to get started? Find out how we can work together with a click here, or contact me here!

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What Your Invitation Style Says About Your Wedding

Your wedding invitation is the introduction to your wedding story. Are you dreaming of a whimsical and magical day, with organic bridal bouquets and a dreamy venue? Or maybe your heart leans towards romance, and all those pretty feminine touches like bows and pearls. Some of you might enjoy a blend of styles, with different colored metallic and a personal touch that tells your unique story. Or maybe you’re all about classic, timeless picks, sprinkling personal, cozy moments all through your day. I may be biased, but there are so many gorgeous wedding invitations out there, so don’t be afraid to get creative when you think about your wedding invitation style.

Got wedding invitation questions? Dive into our FAQ blog post right here for all the answers!

Color and Personality: Finding Your Palette

When choosing your dream wedding invitations, the colors you choose speak volumes. They set the mood, evoke emotions, and tell your guests what to expect. If you’re someone who stands out in a crowd, bold and vibrant colors might be your calling. For the effortlessly chic, a palette of soft pastels or elegant neutrals could be just right. Are you a traditionalist at heart? Classic hues that stand the test of time will resonate with you. And for the old souls who love all things vintage, consider moody florals and deep, rich tones! This is why (in my humble opinion) it’s so important to work with a wedding invitation designer who takes the time to get to know you! It can feel overwhelming to choose!

The Art of Embellishment

It’s all in the details! As you start to choose your wedding invitation style, don’t forget about the impact embellishments can have on the overall feel of your stationery suite. Silk ribbons can add a touch of luxury and texture, while envelope liners offer a peek into the whimsy and fun within. Vintage stamps or wax seals can both offer up a sense of nostalgia. Each embellishment is a reflection of your personal style and the story you want your wedding to tell, but my point here is: you have options!

different colored wax seals for a wedding invitation

Expressive Printing Techniques

Just when you think you’ve got all of your options down, the way your invitations are printed can further add depth and dimension to your design. Love the feel of thick, textured paper? Letterpress might be your dream come true. If you’re all about that modern vibe, foil accents can add just the right sparkle. And for something with a lot of personality and as one-of-a-kind as your love story, think watercolor crests and custom maps! 

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Choosing Your Wedding Invitation Style

Choosing your dream wedding invitations means picturing an invite that’s totally you. For the creatives, there’s custom art and calligraphy to bring your story to life. If elegance is what you love, classic monograms and graceful scripts are calling your name. Seeking something truly unique? Consider invitations with bright envelopes and hand-drawn fonts.

Eager to discover your invitation style? I’m inviting you to jump into my quiz for choosing your dream wedding invitations. Let’s figure out your invitation style together and create something truly magical and uniquely yours. To thank you for letting me be a part of your journey, you’ll get a special discount code when you finish. And if you’re searching for someone to craft your custom wedding invitations (plus all things stationery!), I’d be thrilled to team up with you! Ready to get started? Let’s schedule a chat right here!