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Save or Splurge: Wedding Stationery Edition

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When it comes to wedding planning, every decision feels like a big one. Sorting through different vendors and options can feel overwhelming–especially when you aren’t quite sure what to splurge on, and what you should save on. It’s easy to feel like every detail is important, but it can be challenging to allocate your budget to match everything you “need”. Don’t worry – I get it. In this post, I’m going to share what items I think you can save on and what items I think you should splurge on wedding stationery. Plus, don’t we all just love a save or splurge post? I know I do!

Photo Credit: Off Path Photography

Where to Save on Your Wedding Stationery

As a wedding stationery designer, there are two places I recommend most couples save if they can: ceremony programs and wedding favors!

Let’s start with wedding ceremony programs. You don’t need as many as you might think, and not everyone will take one home with them at the end of the night. Planning to do less than 50% of your guest list will reduce the number of extras you have, which will save you some money, or you could even skip the programs altogether. Instead, you can display important information, like the wedding party and schedule of events, on a sign in the entrance.

Favors can be a great way to say thank you to your guests for sharing your special day with you. However, they can also be expensive. While personalized favors sound fun and fitting, they can easily be more trouble than they are worth. Consider a late-night snack or bite instead that guests will appreciate much more.

The caveat here is that if you are doing something special (for example, one of my couples is handing out Saratoga Springs, NY Olive Oil and another couple is doing mini bottles of Limoncello), then you are going to want to create a special tag or sign to indicate why that favor holds meaning to you. But other than that, this is a place to SAVE.

Where to Splurge on Wedding Stationery

If you have room in your budget to make an investment, I recommend focusing on three elements specifically: welcome itineraries, custom signage, and calligraphy!

When it comes to wedding stationery, spending a little extra on a welcome itinerary can be one of the best investments you can make – especially for your out of town guests. The welcome bag is the perfect place to include them so that visitors know what to do around town and when all of the weekend’s events are. After all, your guests are taking the time to travel to celebrate your wedding with you, so giving them a thoughtful itinerary is a nice way to show your gratitude. Plus, having a keepsake piece to remind guests of their time at your wedding is always an added bonus!

Now, let’s talk about custom signage. These are the pieces you see and swoon over on Pinterest and Instagram. Personal touches like this are what your guests will notice and rave about. Splurge on custom signage with illustrations of your pet portraits in the signature cocktail menu or venue on your seating chart. This is something every guest will stop to look at and contribute to the overall ambiance of your big day. It is also a beautiful keepsake for you and your partner to remember your day for years to come.

Last but not least, custom calligraphy is another beautiful addition to your special day. It adds a touch of elegance, refinement, and personality that is sure to delight (and impress) your guests. Consider spending a little extra on high-quality calligraphy for your menu cards and place cards. You will be amazed at how much it transforms standard, printed cards into a personalized work of art.

wedding menu cards
Photo Credit: Kortni and Chris

Wedding Day Extras I’m Loving Right Now

When talking about where to save and where to splurge on wedding stationery, I would be remiss not to talk about a few extra things that I am loving right now. If you have room in your décor budget, consider:

  1. Hiring a live wedding painter! As a wedding stationer, I have a soft spot for keepsakes and I can’t think of anything more incredible than having your wedding day painted live during the reception.
  2. Postcard Guest Books: If you haven’t seen this trend yet, guests write out a post card to the couple and the maid of honor mails it to you periodically throughout your first year of marriage. I am obsessed with this idea!
  3. After the Tone Guest Book: Another unique and trendy guest book alternative is to have guests leave a “voice message” at the tone. So fun and something you will keep and enjoy forever!
  4. Late Night Bites: This one is a little different in that it’s not at all stationery related, but as someone who has been in the wedding industry for many years now, I can’t say this enough. Having late night bites WILL get your guests to stay at your wedding longer. Include a sign or a menu line that talks about your late night bites to get them excited (and so that they know it will be coming!). Anything from Truffle French fries to a favorite local pizza place is a great option!
  5. Custom napkins! This is such an unexpected and fun touch to an otherwise boring necessity!
custom wedding napkins
Photo Credit: Off Path Photography
telephone guest book
Photo Credit: The Simmons Photography
wedding welcome sign

Ready to save and splurge on wedding stationery?

I have years of experience in providing brides with beautiful stationery that is truly unique to their own style and vision. I can create custom designs for everything from save the dates and invitations to menus, programs and thank you notes all crafted to reflect your individual taste and preferences. If you’re looking for personalized stationery for your big day, learn more about working with me here! I would love to chat with you about how we can work together to make your day one of a kind. Contact me today and let’s start designing something special!