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neutral wedding invitations with monogram is a top wedding invitations trend

Top 2024 Wedding Invitation Trends

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Your wedding invitation is the first impression your guests will get of your special day, so it’s important that you make it count. After all, choosing the perfect invitation can set the tone for the entire event. As a wedding invitation designer, I’ve seen many different trends come and go, but some stand the test of time. In this blog post, I’ll be sharing with you the top wedding invitation trends for 2024. I’m also going to share which ones I am personally excited about. From bold and maximalist designs to delicate calligraphy, I hope that these trends inspire you to start thinking about your own custom wedding design.

Eye-Catching Envelope Liners

One “trend” that I’m incredibly excited to see gain even more popularity in 2024 is the incorporation of watercolor elements and artwork envelope liners in wedding invitations. This increasingly popular trend not only adds a delightful burst of vibrant colors but also infuses personalized touches and a unique sense of personality to the invitation.

Whether you opt for a pre-designed watercolor motif that perfectly complements your wedding theme or go the extra mile of having custom artwork exclusively created for your envelopes, the possibilities are endless to make a truly unforgettable impression.

One popular request that I’ve been receiving from couples lately is to feature an artwork depicting the exterior of their wedding venue on the liner. This bespoke detail not only adds a touch of elegance, but also serves as a heartfelt memento of the cherished memories soon to be made on the big day.

Illuminated Invitations

As the world of wedding invitations continues to evolve in style and design, foil stamping and laser cut wedding invitations will become increasingly popular for weddings in 2024. Foil-stamped wedding invitations bring a unique texture and shine to the invite, making them stand out from more standard designs. Laser cut invitations are a perfect way to make a statement with intricate designs and patterns that simply can’t be achieved with other printing methods.

gold foil wedding invitations

Priority on Personalization

Couples are looking to make their invitations unique by adding personal touches such as custom envelopes or a special message. Monograms are coming back too and are a classic and timeless addition to any wedding invitation (yes – trends can be timeless too!). Adding fun and personalized touches to your wedding invitation is a great way to show off your style and personality. It’s also a great way to give your guests a glimpse into your relationship and love story.

grey monogram wedding invitations

Natural Elements

Rustic and organic elements are going to be seen in the form of foliage, wood textures, and subtle earth tones. This trend brings the beauty of nature into your invitations. Whether you’re having a garden wedding or a rustic barn wedding, adding natural elements to your invitation is sure to complement your theme. Think leafy wreaths, wooden backdrops, and earth-toned colors. Even when drawing flowers, or creating a floral pattern, couples are loving more organic arrangements than they have in the past (and I’m here for it!). What’s life without a little whimsy?

nature inspired wedding invitations
Photo Credit: Bri Cibene

Bold and Maximalist designs

If you want to make a statement with your invitation, then this trend is for you. And to be honest? It’s for me too. Bold and maximalist designs are BACK and couples are bringing in more bright and vibrant colors to their invitation suite than they have in recent years (let’s be honest – we have seen a lot of white-on-white lately).

Let’s go big with your invitations and make them stand out with bold colors, bright patterns, and fun details. The maximalist trend is all about making a statement and standing out. This trend is perfect for the couple who wants to make a bold statement with their wedding invitation. I definitely approve!

Investing in Wedding Calligraphy

Couples are investing in their guest’s experience and that extends to their wedding invitations! Nothing says “romantic” like intricate calligraphy on your invitation! Calligraphy adds a touch of grace and elegance to your invitation that cannot be matched. It’s the perfect way to add a touch of sophistication to your wedding invitation.

Want the timelessness of calligraphy with a modern edge? I personally love to see white ink on a black or dark-colored envelope!

black envelopes with white calligraphy

Wedding Invitation Trends in 2024

There are many different wedding invitation trends to choose from in 2024. Whether you’re looking to add some personalization or make a bold statement, there is a trend out there for you. It’s important to choose a trend that fits with your wedding theme and personal style. In my opinion, it’s less about what’s “trendy” and more about what speaks to you, but I really do love everything I’ve shared today. Remember, your wedding invitation sets the tone for your special day, so choose wisely. Shall we get started? Inquire here today and let’s start designing your wedding invitations. Or – come find me on Instagram to browse some of my latest invitation suites!