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Unique Fall Wedding Ideas: Alternatives to Boho or Rustic Wedding Inspiration!

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The crisp air, the crunch of leaves underfoot, the rich hues of autumn; it’s no wonder fall weddings have a special place in our hearts. But just because you’re choosing to tie the knot during this season doesn’t mean you need to be bound by traditional autumnal themes and colors. As a wedding invitation designer, I have seen countless couples grapple with the desire to honor the season while staying true to their unique vision. Today, I’m sharing my advice to ensure your fall wedding feels authentically “you”, and a few unique fall wedding ideas to get you started. Make sure to follow me on Instagram for more real wedding inspiration too!

1. Pick a color scheme that feels like you as a couple

A fall wedding doesn’t mean you need to use traditional fall foliage colors like burnt orange or golden yellow. Outside of fall foliage colors, a color palette of navy blue, blush pink, and dusty mauve are also great fall choices, but you don’t need to choose those either. You can embrace the season without being too traditional – opt for a classic black and white wedding if that is more your style. You can also include some fall colors but round out the palette with something more classic and traditional (like the photo below!). If you don’t want to choose any of these colors, don’t worry either. I love the idea of using a unique texture like velvet or sequins in your decor to add an unexpected element and set you apart from other fall weddings. Have fun with it!

2. Choose seasonal flowers after you choose your color palette.

Once you’ve got your color palette in place, it’s a good idea to go with flowers that are in season. Ideally, you’ll want flowers that are available from local growers. For example, dahlias are often very colorful and come in many varieties. They can be a great choice if you like their style. I personally love them. Or, of course, roses have long been a popular choice for weddings and other events too. They’re always available and come in many colors so you can likely find some that will work!

3. Consider your venue, but don’t feel limited by it!

As an Ohio wedding invitation designer, I know that our most popular wedding venues are often barns. You might feel like by choosing a barn wedding in the fall that you need to go rustic, but barn weddings don’t have to be the same as each other. Don’t feel confined to a single theme; I believe you need to let your wedding reflect your personalities and preferences. Add a touch of modernity with sleek chairs and tables, or opt for unique pieces that can add an interesting dynamic to the space. If you want a romantic setting, why not choose twinkling lights, dreamy curtains or drapes, and dramatic floral arrangements? Or if whimsical is more your style, consider flower walls or macramé backdrops paired with eclectic décor pieces.

Photo Credit: Sara Cooley Photography

4. Enjoy locally in-season grown fruits and vegetables for your reception menu.

One of my favorite fall wedding ideas is to include locally in-season grown fruits and vegetables for your reception menu. Not only will this provide guests with delicious food, but it’s also a great way to support local farmers and businesses. Plus, because the ingredients are in season, they are at their peak flavor. You can be sure that the menu items will be incredibly tasty! Including locally grown foods as part of your reception menu is a great way to add some extra seasonal flair to your special day while still keeping your wedding day feel classic, timeless, and elegant (if that’s what you would love instead!).

Photo Credit: Monika Eisenbart

5. Enjoy photos that take advantage of the beautiful scenery fall creates.

OK – this might not be a unique fall wedding idea, but I wanted to include it because I know how sometimes it can feel like an “either or”. Like you have to embrace the fall wedding feel or leave it behind completely. But that’s not true. Take advantage of the beautiful autumn scenery by having a photoshoot in a nearby park or at your venue. Consider going downtown and using subtle hints of fall for a unique backdrop. You can even incorporate seasonal elements into your wedding photos, such as colorful flowers, pumpkins, and leaves. Enjoying these beautiful fall wedding photos will be a lasting reminder of the joy and love of this special day without feeling like you need to turn your wedding reception into a rustic barn.

Photo Credit: K Photography

6. Last but not least, choose an invitation designer who isn’t going to put you in a box just because your wedding happens to be in the fall!

Fall weddings don’t have to be rustic! With the right invitation design, you can bring an elegant and refined look to any autumn nuptials. Your wedding invitations should reflect your vision and set the tone for your special day. You don’t need to lean into boho or rustic wedding ideas just because you are getting married in the fall. And you don’t need to stick with traditional colors like browns, oranges or yellows, either!

And a little extra tip if you’re worried about guests showing up in jeans and flannel shirts instead of formal attire? Add a dress code line on the invitation. This way, guests will know what kind of dress code is expected at your event.

Photo Credit: Monika Eisenbart

At Kindly Delivered, I strive to provide custom-made designs that perfectly capture your vision. Whether it’s a fall wedding or any other time of year – I would be honored to help you create unique pieces that will wow your guests! Does that sound good? Book a call here and let’s get started!