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Planning a Micro-Wedding: Splurge on Guest Experience with Unique Stationery

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A wedding stationery designer with a love of coordinating envelopes, watercolor envelope liners, wax seals and classic letterpress!

Designing timeless stationery in Findlay, Ohio for romantic couples.


It’s cold here in Ohio, making me feel like it’s time to chat about the cozy, intimate world of micro-weddings. These smaller celebrations are not just about scaling down the guest list; they’re an opportunity to amp up the personal touches that make your day truly yours. With fewer guests, you have the wonderful chance to splurge on the guest experience a bit more. For example: your wedding stationery! As someone who adores crafting these personal touches, I’m excited to share how custom stationery can add a sprinkle of magic to your special day!

First, did you stumble here on a Google search or from a Pinterest scroll? Welcome to Kindly Delivered. Consider me your personal haven for custom wedding invitations and stationery, nestled in the heart of Ohio. No matter where you are, my goal is the same: to turn your stationery dreams into reality. I’m all about getting to know each couple’s unique flair and weaving that into every design. Think of me as your partner in stationery, dedicated to providing a personalized experience from our first hello to the final product. Ready to dive in? Click here to explore how we can work together, or start your journey with a simple click here!

custom wedding invitation and stationery designer talks about micro weddings and how to splurge on guest experience with unique stationery

Personal Touches in Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitation holds a special place in your heart. It’s not just a date and a place; it’s the very essence of your celebration! In the cozy world of micro-weddings, you have the wonderful opportunity to invest more heart and budget into these invites. Imagine the feel of luxurious paper that’s as dreamy as your love story or a design that’s undeniably ‘you,’ leaving your guests with a heartfelt smile. Picture weaving elements of your unique journey. Like the lyrics of your song softly etched in the background, a watercolor illustration reminiscent of where your story began, or a custom monogram that beautifully entwines your initials. It’s these charming luxuries that turn your invitations into cherished keepsakes.

Day-Of Stationery: Small Details, Big Impact

Going the extra mile to spurge on guest experience with stationery is a great way to wow your guests! I love designing pieces that aren’t just beautiful but also add an element of fun and interaction. How about escort cards that double as a mini-game? Or signage that not only shows the way but also tells a tale? In the intimate setting of a micro-wedding, every guest can savor these considerate details, fostering a deeper connection to your beautiful journey.

Personalizing Menus, Place Cards, and Table Numbers

Menus, place cards, and table numbers are more than just practical items! They are an extension of your wedding’s theme and a reflection of your personal style. Customize your menus to not only list the food but also to tell a story – perhaps each course is significant to your relationship. Additionally, place cards and table numbers can be personalized to match the overall design, with unique touches such as calligraphy or custom illustrations. So, splurge on guest experience with these incredible stationery items to have your guests in awe!

Splurge on Guest Experience With the Finer Things

The wonderful thing about having a more intimate guest list is it gives you the chance to invest in truly exquisite stationery, adding a touch of luxury that doesn’t overstretch your budget. This means embracing those special touches you might have hesitated about in a larger affair – think unique designs, custom illustrations, or even diverse styles for each invitation. My personal favorite splurge is letterpress! After all, it’s not just stationery; it’s a gallery of personalized art pieces, each one celebrating the story that is uniquely yours. This is where you can genuinely splurge on guest experience.

Splurge on Guest Experience For Your Micro-Wedding

In a micro-wedding, every little detail is noticed and treasured, and your stationery is no exception. It’s all about crafting those delightful ‘wow’ moments and forging heartfelt connections with each and every guest. It’s where you can truly splurge on the guest experience and create unforgettable memories. As a designer who’s wholeheartedly dedicated to bringing your stories to life, I’m here to be your creative partner in turning these intricate details into the shining stars of your special day.

It would be my absolute joy to join you on your wedding journey, right here from Ohio! So, whether you’re a wedding planner crafting a fairy-tale wedding for clients or in the heart of planning your own magical day. I’m here to turn those beautiful dreams into a reality. Everything you need to know to begin our collaboration is just a click away. Are you ready to start this exciting journey? Click here and let’s work together to create not just beautiful, but truly unforgettable wedding stationery.