schedule a design consultation

Calls are 20-30 minutes by zoom or phone call. I highly recommend a video call so I can show samples and share my screen!

What can you expect?

Invite your fiancé, mom, or best friend to join us if you'd like! Or keep it low-key and join by yourself. Either way we'll get to know each other and your wedding vision.

At the end of our call we set up a time to meet again the following week so I can present your personalized inspiration board and custom proposal to you.

why is a design consultation important?

We celebrate your engagement and talk about which vendors you have booked so far and which venue(s) you've selected! No worries if you haven't booked anything yet, there is still plenty we can chat about!

We get into the details about paper types and printing methods. Talking through these options will help me build a better custom proposal for you. We will also talk about how to make your invitation dreams come true if you aren't sure what you want them to look like or if you love something that seems to be out of your budget.

Based on what options you select, I will put together a customized, complimentary sample pack, so you can see and feel these invitations in person.

Toward the end of our call, I will ask about your budget. Knowing even a rough amount before putting your proposal together is so helpful to me because I can make suggestions for your invitations that you are comfortable with spending. I never want to disappoint someone by including something that doesn't fit into their budget or on the flipside, leaving something out that is really important.